Agricultural hydraulic hoses and fittings are essential for the construction, agriculture, and mining industries.

Fuel Filter


A fuel filter helps keep your tractor or farm equipment running properly by preventing grime, rust particles and other contaminants from entering the fuel delivery system. When filters become clogged, engine performance drops and fuel consumption increases.


Another way to tell when it's time to change an air filter is to monitor its performance. You can install an air filter restrict gauge on your equipment to help you do that.


Replacing the fuel filter on your farm equipment can be a simple task. Watch as ATTRA Specialist Andy Pressman and Farm and Equipment Educator Shane LaBrake walk you through the process.


According to tests on 99 tractors, consistent air and fuel filter replacement can increase power output by an average of 3.5%. Keeping filters clean also reduces fuel usage and extends machine life.


Hydraulic filters are a critical component of any hydraulic system. They filter the fluid to help keep it clean, reduce contaminant buildup, and prolong the life of equipment.


Agricultural machines often work in dusty environments and require robust and powerful filter systems. MANN+HUMMEL offers filter solutions with high separation efficiency and long service life to ensure reliable operation in harsh conditions.


Filters for hydraulic systems come in various forms, each designed to be placed at a specific position in the fluid circuit. The pressure rating and filtration efficiency of each filter are key considerations. Most hydraulic filters are cylindrical devices with inlet and outlet ports on opposite sides. The fluid enters through the inlet and passes through the filter media to collect contaminants, then flows through the center of the device.


The main purpose of an oil filter is to keep engine oil from picking up microscopic metal flakes that can clog the engine’s moving parts. When these flakes get lodged in tight places, they can chip and abrade metal.
Filters are essential for farm equipment and tractors. They work season after season to protect your machinery from the sun, wind, rain, frost and crop-eating pests.


air filter

The filter can be a spin-on or cartridge, depending on the model of your tractor. If it’s a spin-on, use an oil filter wrench to remove the old filter. When the time comes to change an oil filter, it’s important to know what you’re doing. This will help you save time in the long run. If you notice the air flow diminishes, it’s a good time to clean the air filter.