Agricultural hydraulic hoses and fittings are essential for the construction, agriculture, and mining industries.

Agriculture Equipment


Investing in the right agriculture equipment is essential to the success of your farm. It can help you produce a higher yield, save on labor and reduce your operating costs. Find out more detail about 123 Landbruk As.


Worn out farm machinery can be a major pain to maintain and can cause significant breakdowns. These can lead to more frequent repairs which is going to end up costing you a lot of money in the long run.


Upgrading your agriculture equipment with new spare parts can be a great way to increase productivity and efficiency on the farm. This is particularly true if you have older machines that are starting to show their age.


It’s no secret that modern farm machinery is designed to be much more efficient than the old fashioned models. This is why regular upgrades are so important.


When you upgrade your agriculture equipment with new spare parts you can reduce downtime. It can also increase the overall life of your equipment and help you save on repair costs.


Upgrading your machinery is the best way to get a lot more out of your equipment and ensure that it will perform as expected. The right machinery can make all the difference when it comes to getting a successful harvest.If you’re looking for a tool that’s more aggressive, look for a gang angle that allows you to adjust the amount of soil and residue movement on the go in the field. While there is a lot of confusion in the marketplace, it’s important to identify your main objective and choose the implement that best meets that need. For example, if you’re resetting soil density in fall, a machine with a gang angle that provides a wide range of lateral movement is more appropriate than one set at a smaller degree.


farm machinery

Upgrading your farm machinery with new spare parts is the best way to ensure that it will keep performing well and that you won’t have to spend too much time fixing it. The more you invest in your machinery the better off you will be and that can really help you to increase the overall profitability of your business .Keeping an adequate stock of these parts in your farm shop can help you repair the most common tractor problems without having to wait for a service technician. You may also want to consider having a spare fuse on hand, in case you need to replace it quickly. A broken fuse can put your machine into a dangerous condition and cause serious damage to your crops.


High-Speed Discs are the top agricultural engine spare parts you need to keep on hand. They move soil horizontally, which can help to break down clods and improve the soil’s ability to hold water. These discs can also be used to prepare seed beds. They are a great replacement for field cultivators, tandem disc harrows and vertical tillage. Unlike tillage tools, which can damage the soil and limit its ability to hold moisture, high-speed discs are designed to move dirt and break down clumps. This makes them ideal for dry soil conditions, especially when conserving moisture is important. Find out more detail about kjetting.


Vertical tillage

Vertical tillage blades are an important part of any high-speed disc machine. They help manage residue, sizing it and pinning it to the soil surface. Depending on your goals and the type of soil you’re working, there are different blade types to choose from. Straight blades provide the best cutting properties but don’t move much soil, while wavy or turbo blades increase soil movement.
Some VT tools also have baskets and rollers to level the soil surface, trapping residue in the surface to protect it from wind erosion. Get more detail about plog.